Civil and Family Law

Civil law is the branch of private law that regulates the main relationships between people and aspects related to personality, family and property relations: divorces, incapacities, inheritance, leases, etc. From International Lawyers & Legal Advisors we advise individuals on any matter related to these issues.

Inheritances, divorces and other family issues

If you come to us you will have the assistance you need in your contracts relationships: lease, sale, donation, assignment or use, loan, insurance, concession, agency, distribution contracts … We take care of your claims against individuals or companies, debt claims, defects in construction, consumer rights and intellectual property.

We act in individual insolvency process, on behalf of businessman or consumers, with an approach of unsettled debt exoneration.

At the international level, thanks to the extensive network of collaborators that we have abroad, we have the capacity to face international breach of contracts by claiming its fulfilment with a high percentage of success.
Our assistance in relation to inheritance law is comprehensive, we advise you in every step of the inheritance, preparing the partition, the valuation of inheritance assets, as well as tax advice and all the vicissitudes that could arise, in addition to the necessary management to carry out the allocation of hereditary assets (tax settlement, registration in the Registry, etc.)

As for conflict situations in the family environment such as divorce or separation, custody, guardianship, parental matters of any kind, our law firm´s aim is to try to avoid family disputes by reaching agreements; We are firmly convinced that mediation is the best mechanism for conflict resolution.

But we do not hesitate to claim determinedly for your rights if an agreement is not reached and we act with all the determination in contentious divorces, or in the modification of paternal-filial measures, although due to our extensive experience in these matters, we have seen in family mediation a much more effective and faster way to solve these problems.

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