Commercial and bankruptcy law

Commercial law regulates private relationships between people and commercial or commercial matters, in the form of commercial agreements. As experts in private law, we advise companies and freelancers in all their legal relationships.

We are pioneers in bankruptcy law and in the exoneration of debt mechanism allowed by the second chance regulation.

If as an entrepreneur you have compromised your personal assets to get your company ahead, or if you have suffered a serious debt for other reasons, do not hesitate to ask us about all your legal rights to start again.

Comprehensive assistance to individuals and companies

We have extensive experience in business legal advice, helping companies to achieve their commercial goals. We provide the necessary legal support to companies on their on-going business needs, at any stage of business life, from the creation of a company, taxation, advice on company conflicts and legal claims to the liquidation of the company.

We are also insolvency practitioners, specialists in out-of-court settlement of payments, bankruptcy and second chance and debt release.

Choosing a good professional who knows the second chance in depth is essential; we negotiate the payment and settlement of your debts with the maximum experience in enterprise and individual insolvency proceedings.

To have success in the process it is essential to count on an expert lawyer specialized in the second opportunity and the bankruptcy process given its complexity and the high level of specialization required.
Our relationship with the client is of full availability, proximity and trust: we can guarantee that you will be fully informed of every step of the process.

We also have an extensive network of purchasers and assets liquidators that allows us to receive substantial offers, which results in a greater capacity to satisfy creditor’s debts, in addition to also having experts among the people of our team in expertise and appraisal.

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