Criminal Law

We provide advice and assist in legal defense in criminal proceedings, as defense attorneys or as private prosecutors. In case you have to file or have receive a complaint, contact us as soon as possible to give you the appropriate advice from the first moment and design the best strategy.

By your side

Among the tasks performed by a lawyer specialized in criminal law is representation and defense before courts and tribunals, for which it is essential to have serious and experienced professionals, who are also up-to-date with jurisprudential developments and new crimes of the use of new technologies.

If you have received a complaint and do not know how to react, contact us as soon as possible and we will advise you. If you are involved in any criminal proceeding, given the penalties that may be imposed, it is urgent to have a trusted criminal lawyer by your side involved in your case, with the availability we offer to keep you informed at all times on how to act.

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