International Trade

International debt recovery, monitoring and supervision of the collection process. We have an extensive contacts network across different countries and we rely on numerous professionals abroad that help to follow closely the case in such a way that cannot be done from Spain. In international procedures, it is necessary to have experience in international and European legislation and/or private international law overtaking the complexity that any foreign element adds to the process.

Representing companies worldwide

As is logical, claiming debts generated in foreign countries involves greater complexity than those generated locally. We prioritize negotiation to avoid the high costs of starting legal proceedings in other countries. But if starting judicial action is required, we have a solid network of very extensive international collaborators who can operate in the specific country and carry out the legal actions that we entrust to them, which results in a greater success in the debt recovering.

Our activity is not only limited to international debt collection, we also provide comprehensive advice on the internationalization of companies and commerce abroad, as well as arbitration and international commercial contracts.

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