Public Administration and Tax Law

Public Administration law is the one that regulates relations between public administrations and citizens.

We have extensive experience in tax law, we provide advice to companies and individuals to analyse the best tax alternative for any operation. We analyse and warn of the tax repercussion of all operations in which we provide advice

Sanctions, claims, files, we can solve it together

We advise on any sanctioning file, economic-administrative claim and in obtaining and revoking municipal licenses; We take care of any administrative procedure in which you are involved.

The regulation of citizen and public Administration relationships can be complex and unstable, but if you believe that the Administration has incurred in liability, do not hesitate to contact us, we offer you a qualified, personalized and effective service.

As far as tax law is concerned, we carry out the corporate or personal tax planning that best suits your interests, in addition to taking care of representing you before the national or local Tax Agencies and of all the accounting procedures that were necessary, as well as their defense before the Economic-administrative Courts and the Contentious-administrative Jurisdiction.

Given our experience working with companies that operate abroad we have the ability to optimize the corporate structures of your international company.

If you are facing a complex tax decision, do not hesitate to contact us.

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