Mediation Service

Mediation is an agile, efficient and economical form of conflict resolution that hat is reliant upon the parties reaching a consensus with the support of a mediator. The mediator does not make any decision or oblige the parties to anything. The mediator uses joint and private sessions to help the parties reach a consensus. In private sessions, he will challenge the thinking behind the position adopted and explore alternative approaches.

At International Lawyers & Legal Advisors we have a Mediation area composed of a team of qualified and trained professionals to offer this service: lawyers and professional mediators whose aim is helping to solve people's problems in a closer way, alleviating the problem and listening and understanding people, alleviating confronted positions and enhancing dialogue among those affected.

Why choose this route?

In the office we have expert mediators in the civil field, considered the most suitable for mediation, in particular; family and business matters, from inheritances, separations or divorces, parental-filial measures, to disputes in the field of business relationships and breach of contract. All this without ruling out new areas of action, which are emerging as mediation becomes popular and begins to be known, such as neighbourhood, health, sports and real estate conflicts, to name a few examples.

This method offers a greater capacity to “listen” to the agents in conflict who can deal with the problem without the constraints of the judicial process. It is a flexible process that allows adapting to the demands of the particular problem and at a lower cost, both in economic terms and in time. For all these reasons, it is presented as a freer and more humanized way of analysing problems and finding the best solutions.

Mediation is currently presented as an alternative solution to conflicts that is outside of judicial protection, allowing the parties to reach a consensual, voluntary and free agreement to resolve their disputes.

It is more advantageous than litigation for the parties since there is no winner and loser, instead, all parties win (win-win) by adopting the agreement that will govern their future relations.

We offer a comprehensive mediation service, from the first contact with the party interested in this method of conflict resolution, to the drafting of the agreement and their assistance in making it binding. All this rigorously maintaining the principles on which every mediator must be based, such as impartiality, neutrality and confidentiality.

Frequent asked questions:

Mediation is an affordable procedure, substantially cheaper than the judicial procedural. However, the intervention of the mediator is remunerated, and the costs may vary depending on various factors. Depending on the case, other accessory services may also be invoiced, such as the drafting of the reached agreement and / or its legal approval.

At ILLASL we have qualified mediators who adapt their rates to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

There is no set duration for the mediation session. However, due to our experience and knowledge of attention capacities, we advise not to exceed 45 minutes without some kind of interruption or break.

Either party to the conflict may propose to the other a mediation in an institution or with a certain professional. The duties of impartiality and neutrality guarantee that the election does not condition the result. Furthermore, the mediator has no power of disposition nor can he force any of the parties to agree to something they do not intend.

Any of our mediators has legal training and sufficient capacity to draft the agreement, or to advise on its drafting. The agreements must be reflected in a document that takes into account all the details of the conflict, and is according to law. Therefore, the intervention of a qualified professional in this phase of the process is very important.

In principle, a mediation session can be held anywhere appropriate for having a quiet conversation. In our offices we have a special room equipped with all the comforts to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

It depends entirely on the nature of the conflict and the initial positions of the parties. An average of 3-4 sessions might be enough for almost any kind of conflict. In any case, even if more sessions are necessary, the duration and deadlines are one of the main advantages over the judicial route, whose processes last months or years. The mediation should not last more than two months performing a weekly session.

Civil, family and bankruptcy mediation

We will try to solve any problem together with the best possible agreement

Alternative more cordial than the judicial route

Resolution of the conflict avoiding the judicial process thanks to the use of dialogue


Complete professional service from start to finish

From the first contact to the writing of the agreement